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On that day The Efteling Kate Bush special was broadcasted on

Dutch television.

Also it marked Kate her tv debut in The Netherlands. High in the

album and single charts with her debut album The Kick Inside

and her amazing single Wuthering Heights! Which reached

a number One position in The Netherlands!

The Efteling, an amusement park and fairy-tale Garden, had just finished their

New attraction, The Haunted Castle, with a total cast of 1.600.000 euro to create.

The Efteling wanted to draw the attention of the public! For 1978 it was

considered the ultimate Efteling design!

They fell for Kate Bush! Who else could be the

perfect person to give it all an extra bit of mystic feeling and a touch of magic?

They believed  Kate Bush would fit perfectly in the spooky surrounding of

The Haunted Castle.

One month before the opening, Kate Bush arrived at the park

and inside The Haunted Castle, and the nearby surroundings

a 25 minute music special was recorded, 6 tracks taken from The Kick Inside.

This was one of the most amazing specials Kate has ever done!

There was a  VHS recording available,  but for years it went from fan

to fan,leaving the quality in a very bad condition!

Recently a new, better version came to the surface, when a

2 DVD set Eat the video was "released" by Kate Bush fans!

Watch these videos here, and see some of the pictures that

were taken at the spot.

Also see the gift Kate Bush gave to the cameraman for doing an

outstanding job, filming for two full days to complete the special.

It's all here for you! and like Kate would say.....

15 May 1978