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Text Box: Dozens of fans of singer Kate Bush have approached 
 the Efteling theme park , because they are interested in her so-called tombstone. The Spookslot, one of the oldest attractions in the park, will be demolished next summer. In the garden is a tombstone bearing the name of the artist, who recorded a number of clips there in 1978.
"Many people approach us through social media," said a spokesperson for the park. "But there are also people who email and call."
There are also well-known Dutch people who are interested in the special object. Radio makers Conny Kraaijeveld ( RTV Utrecht ) and Lammert de Bruin ( EenVandaag ) already announced on Instagram and Twitter that they would also like to take care of the tombstone.
The chance that one of the fans will get the tombstone is small, by the way. Efteling has already announced that it wants to donate the special stone to a museum.

AVROTROS meanwhile is thinking about a new television special with Kate Bush on the occasion of the closure of the Spookslot. The then broadcaster TROS also recorded a special with the Wuthering Heights singer in 1978 to promote her music and the attraction that had just opened. Bush was given her own tombstone in the garden of the Spookslot as a memento.

Kate's tombstone in the main show of the haunted castle, where it has stood for several years